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During the period 11.11.2019 to 30.04.2020, the eAllu project "Product Conformity Tests" was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


cncRolling mill

  • Max width 2000 mm
    Max thickness 10 mm



knuthPlasma cutting machine

  • Max length – 3000 mm
  • Max width – 2000 mm
  • Metal thickness min 0.5mm; max 60mm,
  • Stainless steel and aluminium, thickness up to 50mm.


bomarSemi-automatic band-saw

  • Max 610 mm at the angle of 90°
  • Max 440 mm at the angle of 45°
  • Max 330 mm at the angle of 60°


drillRadial drilling machines

  • Ø max 50mm




Professional welding equipment. MIG, MAG, TIG, MMA.

welding   welding   welding   welding

Certified welders can perform MIG, MAG, MMA, TIG welding of low- and medium-alloyed steels, the steels of HARDOX and WELDEX class, of stainless steel and aluminium of any thickness in welding classes B and C, in accordance with EVS EN 5817 standard.

Taking into consideration the dimension of a production facility, the possibility of throughput logistics of a workshop, crane capacities, specifications of equipment and the experience of the staff, our company can produce one-piece metal structures with the weight of up to 10 tons and the dimensions of up to 3,5 х 5 х 40 metres.

With the help of assembly tables, stands and additional production accessories, we can produce metal structures that conform to the highest requirements in terms of geometrical dimensions.

We also offer such services as the installation of hydraulics and pneumatics, checking the functionality of the equipment, and its delivery to the customer.

We also do lathe works — shafts and threads with the diameter of up to 100 mm

The production facility for assembly and welding works with the useful space of 900 m², has got the following new equipment:

  • telfersTwo telphers with the total weight-lifting capacity of 10 tons.
  • Two large gates, though which any type of load-carrying vehicles can pass, which enables to produce the structures with the weight of up to 10 tons and the dimensions of up to 5 х 5 х 24 metres.



The output (capacity) of the production facility producing metal structures is up to 200 tons per month.

At the distance of three kilometres from our production facility, there is a Bekkeri Sadam harbour