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During the period 11.11.2019 to 30.04.2020, the eAllu project "Product Conformity Tests" was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Industrial Alpinism


Industrial alpinism includes special methods, with the help of which different types of works at heights on different objects are performed. This is the sphere, in which high-altitude climbers, i.e. the people who enjoy rock-climbing (such people are also called steeplejacks), work. The team of certified alpinists, which consists of up to 6 people, will do all kinds of works at heights for you. Our professionals work at the height of up to 180 m. We have all the necessary equipment for the following types of works at heights:

  • insulation, cladding, and painting of facades;
  • sealing of joints between panels and window panels both in new buildings and in the buildings which are already in use;
  • assembly and dismantling of structures in places that are difficult to access: antennas, advertising banners, projectors, etc.;
  • installation of drainage systems and snow barriers;
  • washing windows in high-rise buildings, cleaning facades using high-pressure equipment;
  • removing snow from roofs, removing icicles, repairing rolled roofing material.